Marco Baglieri

“I came the kitchen through the work of my mother’s hands, which welcomed those who landed in our trattoria, by following the traces of Sicily that Noto cradles in every street.”

Chef patron, Marco Baglieri grew up in Neuwied, Germany, and returned to Sicily to undertake his university studies. His love for cooking came thanks to his parents, owners of a trattoria opened in 1985. In the following years, Marco transformed the family trattoria into a fine dining project, refining the culinary offerings and expanding the restaurant. Thus was born Crocifisso, a restaurant that combines local tradition and contemporary cuisine.

A story
of a sicilian family

Ours is a tale of food and wine that leads to the discovery of our territory, Sicily, guided by the warmth of the land and the freshness of the contemporary. Igniting our passion is the city of Noto, its culture, its people, its voices and its aromas.

“In Sicily we are fortunate to be able to open the window and find a wide variety of ingredients.”
Through the in-depth study of the raw ingredient, declined in all its nuances, the dish becomes a sensory experience involving taste, smell, touch and sight, a sensorial investigation of emotions. We believe in the value of discovery and experimentation. Our aim is to keep the flavors of the elements that make up the dish unaltered, enhancing their taste through the creative gesture. Thus, surprising balances, unexpected colors and innovative textures are created.

The restaurant

The restaurant is located in the upper part of Noto, near the Church of the Crucifix from which it takes its name. With 36 covers and a subtle color palette, the space is marked by a modern and discreet elegance, designed by architect Vincenzo Ignaccolo.

Hints of nature and symbolic Teste di Moro (heads of the Moors) watch over our authenticity. To ensure an intimate and cozy setting, Ristorante Crocifisso is recommended for adult clientele.

A dress code appropriate to the setting is also required, and pets are not allowed.

The wine cellar

More than 400 references define an offering that aims to exalt, alongside native labels, wines that cross-regional and national borders. In addition to Italy, in fact, the wine list allows you to travel from France to Lebanon, passing through Slovenia, Greece, Austria and Germany. An extensive and ample cellar full of character, such as the choice of amaro that fully expresses the identity of the territory without, however, without closing itself within it: agricultural rums, whiskies, cognacs, armagnacs, gins and vermouths, Piedmontese and Sicilian grappas will take you on a journey through a glass.